The web development articles cover various aspects of web programming, including the development of web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as dynamic backend development, server side programming, scalability and database development.

Authentication with Sympathy

Building on top of an earlier tutorial, this tutorial teachers you about the authentication process and will show you how to extend your Sympathy server application for access control and security.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a web development language used to describe the presentation of an HTML document when displayed or rendered

CSS Selectors

Selecting specific elements of web pages using CSS

Developing web pages with Sympathy HTML Templates

In this tutorial we will learn how to use HTML templates in web development by utilizing the built-in template engine of the Sympathy platform. We will be creating a simple website to demonstrate how to implement and use HTML templates in this manner.


"HTML tags" are definitions enclosed in HTML documents inside a pair of angle brackets ( < > ), and are used to describe the flow of the structure of the document, "marking up" elements inside and around them with special meanings.


HTML5 is a very popular markup language used to describe hypertext documents that are commonly used to define the structure and content of web pages on the Internet. More broadly speaking, HTML5 can also been seen to cover a larger set of technologies and languages that are used to provide not just the structure, but also the functionality, look and feel, and other features and aspects of web applications.

HTML5 Local Storage

Using HTML5 local storage, a web developer can save application data and store it as part of the data files of the web browser utilized by the end user. The web developer does not need to use cookies or save the data on the server.

HTML5 Note App Tutorial

In this tutorial we will get to learn how to create a simple note taking app for the web environment that saves and retrieves text notes using HTML5 technologies.


Javascript is a general purpose programming language, originally developed for the purpose of providing scripting functionality for web pages, but is currently used for many different kinds of purposes, ranging from client to server to mobile development.

Media Queries

Media queries are conditional statements written for CSS that allow web developers to write layout rules that are only applied when certain criteria related to the screen or display environment are met. Commonly, this is used to enable different layouts depending on the screen or widow size.

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