We publish many tutorials on several different technical topics. All tutorials are meant to help in self-study and exploration of new topics, and are made up of easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that can be followed by readers in order to learn new programming topics and concepts.

Android development on the command line

Android development is commonly done using Android Studio or some other IDE environment. This short tutorial takes a different perspective of Android programming, and discusses ways in which developing, compiling, installing and debugging Android applications can be achieved on the command line.

Authentication with Sympathy

Building on top of an earlier tutorial, this tutorial teachers you about the authentication process and will show you how to extend your Sympathy server application for access control and security.

Developing the Catch It game with EQ and Jkop

In this tutorial, we will be making an egg catching game. This is based on a real game that is also published on the actual mobile app stores.

Developing web pages with Sympathy HTML Templates

In this tutorial we will learn how to use HTML templates in web development by utilizing the built-in template engine of the Sympathy platform. We will be creating a simple website to demonstrate how to implement and use HTML templates in this manner.

HTML5 Note App Tutorial

In this tutorial we will get to learn how to create a simple note taking app for the web environment that saves and retrieves text notes using HTML5 technologies.

Install Visual Studio Code and Eqela extension

This short tutorial will outline the steps on how to install and configure the Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor together with the Eqela extension, and how to enable the "Eqela Green" color theme in Visual Studio Code.

Integrating AdMob in an EQ application

AdMob is a popular advertising service and toolkit owned and operated by Google. With AdMob, a developer can include advertisements in a game or an application, and can earn a share of the advertising revenues.

iOS development on the command line

In this tutorial, we will be making a simple iOS application using a text editor and the command line.

Mobile application with SQLite in EQ

In this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate the SQLite database in a mobile application developed in the EQ programming language. We will be creating a small savings app where you can save, edit, delete and update your personal finances. At the end of this tutorial, you will have learned how to integrate the SQLite database in your EQ mobile application.

REST API Development with Sympathy

In this tutorial, we will be creating a REST API server that can add database records containing a person's name, age and gender.

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