The Jkop project provides frameworks and libraries that provide consistent or identical APIs and development experiences across different programming languages and technology environments. The Jkop project is composed of several libraries, each of which is targeted for a specific purpose or target audience.

NOTE: Jkop used to be the name of the game development library of the Eqela platform. This version of Jkop (now labelled Jkop Sprite) is now fully integrated to the Jkop EQ library framework, and continues to be available for developers. Read more about Jkop Sprite.

Jkop EQ

Jkop EQ is a generic class library that targets multiple platforms and provides a rich set of features ranging from things like string manipulation, data structures and threading to graphical user interfaces, web development, text template processing, mobile application development, and more. It also serves as the standard framework for (and is fully written in) the EQ programming language.

Jkop EQ

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