iOS is a very popular mobile application platform and operating system from Apple. iOS applications are natively developed using either Objective-C or Swift, and are executed on Apple devices using the appropriate runtime environments. Various development tools, libraries and approaches have been made available by Apple and other vendors for iOS development.

Integrating AdMob in an EQ application

AdMob is a popular advertising service and toolkit owned and operated by Google. With AdMob, a developer can include advertisements in a game or an application, and can earn a share of the advertising revenues.

iOS development on the command line

In this tutorial, we will be making a simple iOS application using a text editor and the command line.

Jkop Frameworks and Libraries

The Jkop project provides frameworks and libraries that provide consistent or identical APIs and development experiences across different programming languages and technology environments. The Jkop project is composed of several libraries, each of which is targeted for a specific purpose or target audience.

Jkop EQ

Jkop EQ is a multi-platform, multi-language generic API framework for the development of software applications. The platform includes various functionalities, ranging from basic computing features (strings, integer computations, mathematical functions, file access, socket I/O, threading, etc.) to graphical user interfaces and user interface controls.

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