The EQ programming language is a general-purpose, object oriented programming language that can be used for many development tasks, including mobile application development, web development, server applications, desktop applications and embedded software.

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NOTE: The EQ language has been superseded by the newer programming language called "Sling", which also represents a continuation of the evolution of EQ. For the development of new applications, please consider using Sling.

The Sling Programming Language

The fundamental objective behind the EQ language is the ability to convert EQ source code to other programming languages in order to be able to target any runtime execution platform, ensuring the ability to execute the program regardless of where it should be executed. In addition to that, simplicity and reduction of unnecessary typing, without sacrificing flexibility and features, have been considered as major objectives during design and development.

(NOTE: This language was traditionally simply referred to as the "Eqela Programming Language". However, the accurate way to refer to refer to this language is presently the "EQ Programming Language", to also properly distinguish it from other Eqela technologies, including also other languages that are or will become part of the Eqela technology stack)

Language Reference

Please find out more details through the links below:

Syntax of the EQ programming language

Variables and data types in EQ

Operators in EQ

Control Structures in EQ

Object Oriented Programming in EQ

Conditional compilation and preprocessing of EQ programs

EQ: Embedding code in other programming languages

EQ Coding Standards

EQ Application Project Reference

Closely related information with regards to EQ development projects and their structure:

The EQ Project Configuration File

The EQ Module Configuration File

Vendor ID in EQ Projects


This is the easiest place to get started:

Developing the Catch It game with EQ and Jkop

Mobile application with SQLite in EQ

REST API Development with Sympathy

Development Tools and Downloads

1. Eqela Development Kit (EDK)

The Eqela Development Kit (EDK) is a set of command line tools that can be used to compile Eqela programs. EDK is a full-featured development environment, and can be used to compile any kind of program, whether for the command line, graphical, a game or the web.

2. Eqela Code Studio (IDE)

Eqela Code Studio is a full-featured IDE that can be used to develop and write code for all kinds of applications (command line, GUI, server, web, backend servers, etc.). Eqela Code Studio integrates the EQ compiler, the editor and several API library frameworks in one easy-to-use package, and can be installed and used on any computer platform (either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). Eqela Code Studio easily compiles executables for the platform it's running on.

System Requirements

Windows : Windows 7 or higher

Mac : Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (must have development tools installed; Xcode 5 or higher)

Linux : 32-bit or 64-bit version of an Ubuntu 14.04-compatible distribution; development packages and C compiler must be installed

3. Eqela Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Install Visual Studio Code and Eqela extension

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