The Eqela Developer Network (EQDN) contains resources, technical documentation, software development tutorials and other programming related materials to help software engineers learn new skills and technologies and to collaborate in creating apps and systems for connected environments running on multiple technology platforms using different technologies

The Sling Programming Language

The Sling programming language is a general-purpose, object oriented programming language that is meant to be used for all kinds of software development targeting multiple platforms and different execution environments. Sling encourages productivity, maintainability and well formatted, well structured source code.

Web Development

There are many ways to develop software for the web. While ultimately it all boils down to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, there are many tools and technologies that are commonly used to develop and structure applications. On this page, we provide links to information and tutorials for how to utilize some of them.

The Jkop Framework

Jkop is an API framework that aims to provide consistent or identical APIs and development experiences across different programming languages and technology platforms. It is also intended to act as a common layer between them. The Jkop project is composed of several modules, each of which is targeted for a specific purpose or environment.

HTML5 Note App Tutorial

In this tutorial we will get to learn how to create a simple note taking app for the web environment that saves and retrieves text notes using HTML5 technologies.

Sling programming with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a powerful and popular code editor for programmers, which can also very well be used for working with Sling code. This short document will outline the steps required for the installation and configuration of VSCode for Sling programming by using the Eqela Sling extension for Visual Studio Code, and how to enable the Sling color theme in Visual Studio Code.

Android development on the command line

Android development is commonly done using Android Studio or some other IDE environment. This short tutorial takes a different perspective of Android programming, and discusses ways in which developing, compiling, installing and debugging Android applications can be achieved on the command line.

iOS development on the command line

In this tutorial, we will be making a simple iOS application using a text editor and the command line.

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