The Sling programming language is a general-purpose, object oriented programming language that is meant to be used for all kinds of software development targeting multiple platforms and different execution environments. Sling encourages productivity, maintainability and well formatted, well structured source code.

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Sling was originally developed to provide a way to write code for multiple target platforms and languages from a single codebase. It has since been continuously evolved, and a lot of effort has been placed on trying to create a language and programming environment that would help reduce or eliminate manual work, and to encourage the creation of maintainable, readable and well formatted source code.

// Hello world in Sling


	PRINT "Hello World"
	return 0

The reference implementation of the Sling programming language is the The Sling compiler compiler, as produced by Eqela. The compiler is normally used through the Eqela Runtime.

Get started with Sling development through the Sling tutorial

Authoring Tools

For authoring Sling code, any standard text editor or IDE can be used. We recommend the use of Visual Studio Code (with the Eqela extension), which is also what is being used for the development of Sling itself:

Sling programming with Visual Studio Code

Language Documentation

Please find out more details through the links below:

Sling Language Reference

Other instructions

Compiling Sling applications for Android

Compiling Sling applications for iOS

Standard library

Sling does not in any way enforce the use of any additional standard library. However, in practice, most Sling programs are developed using the Jkop application frameworks.

The Jkop Framework

Sample programs and sample code

The eqela-samples projects includes many good, simple and short samples of Sling code:

Otherwise, very good and comprehensive code samples for Sling programming are also found in the Jkop (application framework, including game and network development) and Sympathy (web and network service framework) projects, both of which are open source and found on Github. Both projects are fully implemented in Sling:

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