The Eqela Runtime (eqelart) provides a simple command line utility to access and use various tools, compilers and utilities. It includes a built-in scripting facility and automatic downloading of necessary tools and libraries, and works well for automating development tasks, builds, and other software engineering related tasks.

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Get the tools

The Eqela Runtime is fully developed in The Sling Programming Language and is open source software. The source code is found on GitHub, and all Eqela Runtime downloads are handled through the Eqela website (see below). All packages are standalone executables, and should not require any additional downloads, installation or configuration. Simply download, install and execute the "eqela" on your favorite command line terminal.

After installation, open your command line terminal and execute "eqela":

$ eqela
Eqela Runtime / 5.0.1 @ .NET Core / C#
Copyright (c) 2018 Eqela Oy
Licensed under GPLv3 (see LICENSE for details)

Usage: eqela [parameters]

Available parameters:

  -help                          - Show help / usage
  -version                       - Show version
  -debug                         - Display debug messages
  -repository=[url]              - Add a package repository url
  -cache=[path]                  - Specify the path to the local package cache directory
  -P<vendor:name>=[directory]    - Configure a static package path
  -F<vendor:name>=[version]      - Force particular versions of packages to use
  -platform=[name]               - Specify a custom execution platform name


  install                        - Install a package (either file or from repository)
  runscript                      - Execute a local script
  runcmd                         - Run a single command or statement
  rundll                         - Execute a dll file
  runpkq                         - Execute an Eqela Package (pkq) file

This tells you that your installation was successful.

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