The web development articles cover various aspects of web programming, including the development of web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as dynamic backend development, server side programming, scalability and database development.

Structuring HTML, CSS and Javascript content

Common best practices for separating the different elements of a web page to properly structure the code of a web application


HTML5 is a very popular markup language used to describe hypertext documents that are commonly used to define the structure and content of web pages on the Internet. More broadly speaking, HTML5 can also been seen to cover a larger set of technologies and languages that are used to provide not just the structure, but also the functionality, look and feel, and other features and aspects of web applications.

Web Development

There are many ways to develop software for the web. While ultimately it all boils down to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, there are many tools and technologies that are commonly used to develop and structure applications. On this page, we provide links to information and tutorials for how to utilize some of them.

Secure REST API Server Development in Sling with Sympathy

This tutorial teaches you on developing a secure REST API server application in Sling programming language using the Sympathy framework.

Jkop Widgets

The Jkop framework includes a number of widgets, which are reusable user interface components that can be used to construct good-looking, modern user interfaces for mobile devices as well as web and desktop applications. The Jkop Widget API offers a common development framework regardless of the underlying platform, but would use the underlying platform-specific mechanisms to provide the actual functionality.

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