Sympathy is a high performance dynamic web server / application platform, fully developed using Eqela technologies, and able to run on multiple platforms. Sympathy can be used to develop both static and dynamic websites and web applications, and also comes with a set of ready-made, commonly usable application for delivering web services.

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Sympathy provides both a development framework and web server applications. While both are built from the same code, they are used very differently. Sympathy is fully developed using The Sling Programming Language and The Jkop Framework, and is normally used through Eqela Runtime.

Sympathy Applications

Sympathy provides a set of ready-made web server applications that can be used out-of-the-box to perform a number of commonly (and perhaps not so commonly) required tasks. The precompiled builds of the Sympathy applications are made available as Eqela packages, which means that they can be used immediately with Eqela Runtime without any additional installation. After installing the Eqela Runtime, you can execute Sympathy applications with following kinds of commands:

eqela eqela:sympathy:5.4.0/filesy .

(By default, filesy receives connections on port 8080. To change the port, use the -listen= parameter, eg. -listen=8181.)

The command above would execute the filesy application, which is a complete web server able to serve static files. It can be easily and quickly used to export any directory on the file system over an HTTP connection.

The following applications are provided:

  • apigwy, a REST API gateway / request forwarder

  • artsy, an article server useful for wiki/blog style sites

  • authdby, an authentication server with a database backend

  • chaty, a websocket based chat server

  • filesy, a static file server

  • html2pdfy, an html to pdf converter server

  • svcy, a service daemon and keepalive watchdog

  • pnfwy, a mobile push notification forwarder

  • profiley, a user profile server

  • smsgwy, an SMS gateway

  • sqlc, an SQL server client

  • sqlfwy, an SQL forwarder server

Sympathy development framework

Most of the Sympathy development libraries are currently included in the Jkop framework.

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