Each Sling project or module may contain a Sling project file, commonly referred to as a Pling file. This document describes the format and the supported data fields that can be specified in this file.

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The Sling Project File or Pling file can contain various configuration settings for a Sling project or module. Below is an example of a sling project file:

# Pling files can contain comments like this.

title = "Sample application"
description = "This is a sample application"
copyright = "Copyright (c) 2018 Eqela Oy"
license = "MIT"
url = "https://github.com/eqela/sampleproject"
version = "1.0.x"
vendorId = "com.eqela"
authors += "Eqela Oy"
type = "gui"
preFilters += "@cape"
preFilters += "@caveui"

defines = {
	"server_address" : "http://localhost:8080"

resources = [ "images", "fonts" ]

modules = [

androidMetaData = {
	"com.facebook.sdk.ApplicationId" : "1111111111111111",
	"com.google.android.geo.API_KEY" : "2222222222222222222222222222"

iosInfoPlistData = "
<string>Sample application</string>"

Supported common fields

  • title : The title of the application

  • description : A short description of the application

  • copyright : Copyright information for the application

  • license : Licensing information for the application. Commonly the name of the license.

  • vendorId : The vendor ID of the developer, commonly in Reverse Domain Notation

  • url : The Internet URL of the application

  • version : Current version of the application

  • authors : The name of the author of the application

  • type : The project type (see below)

  • modules : Modules the project will be using, if necessary (defaults to current directory)

  • defines : Static preprocessor values which can be referenced in application code

  • preFilters : Filters that are executed before the actual compilation takes place (see The Sling compiler for details)

Platform specific fields

  • androidPermissions : Android Permissions that the application requires in order to execute

  • androidMetaData : Metadata used in your application when compiled for Android, such as API keys, SDK application ID, etc.

  • iosInfoPlistData : Custom data for an iOS applications to be placed in the application's Info.plist file.

Supported project types

  • console : Used for developing console applications

  • library : Used for developing libraries

  • gui : Used for developing gui applications

Available preFilters

For available prefilters, please see the Sling Compiler reference

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