The Sling programming language and the Sling compiler can be used to develop cross-platform software for many different platforms, including iOS. Since the compiler works by translating the Sling source code to Objective-C code in the case of iOS, the iOS development tools (Xcode) are required to compile this code. This document is meant to help you in the installation and configuration of those tools for use with Sling.

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Since iOS development depends fully on Apple development tools (Xcode) and since Xcode is only available for macOS, notably you can only compile iOS applications on a Mac computer. Install the Xcode environment using any standard mechanism:

To translate a Sling project to an iOS project using slingbuild, use the following command:

eqela eqela:slingbuild:r19 buildIos src=myproject

This will generate an iOS Xcode project in directory build/myproject/ios/src. This project you can then open normally in Xcode or otherwise handle as any other iOS application project.

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